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The Place to Buy all of your Dog Supplies, Cat Supplies, Treats, Pet Toys and more!



At MadeInTheUSAPetShop we know that your pet is an important part of your family
so we offer only the best dog supplies and cat supplies to help you give your pets the care they deserve. We source all of our products from only American companies to bring you the best and highest quality goods made anywhere on earth! We make it here, so we keep the jobs here too! We want to keep the economy strong and help out our fellow neighbors and friends. Won't you help be a part of growing America from the inside to be stronger than ever? Shop now for our best dog supplies, cat supplies and more! 
Do you have a new puppy or kitty in the house? You will find just what you need to create a perfect home for your puppy
in our Dog Section or check out our Cat Section for your kitten.   Our Health & Safety area has just the right tools to help your pet learn the ropes. Look for our Enzyme Cleaning Solutions along with our Indoor Grass Mats.  These helpful tools will be appreciated as training continues into adulthood. Let's not forget about nutrition. We have great dog supplies and cat supplies to support your pet's health! Look for our Immune support, hip and joint chews, senior care, teeth and hair ball management supplements. With over 2 pages of Vitamins And Supplements, we cater to your pet's needs and requirements.
Where will your beloved pet sleep tonight? Well, we have some great ideas in our Pet Bed Section. We have some very comfortable and fluffy beds to keep Fido or Felix comfortable and warm on those chilly nights. Our beds come in many shapes, sizes, colors and configurations. There is one to please just about every taste. Is it warm where you live? Then try one of our Cooling Mats. They come in 3 different sizes to fit your pet just right. They can be use for injury therapy- but check with your Veterinarian first!  If your pet is getting older or has suffered an injury, explore our Pet Furniture section for many aids to help your pets get to where they are comfortable. We have car ramps, couch ramps, bed ramps and stairs. All for you and your pet's convenience.
When traveling with a family pet, safety is one of the most important items to consider.  In our Travel Section
we offer a variety of Pet CarriersTravel Bowls and Feeders and Pet/Car Blankets designed to put your mind at ease. Don't forget about Gates and Fences to help corral the fury bundle of energy keeping everyone safe! And when it is time for a little rest and relaxation a safe place for our pets in in their Crates.  We have a large variety for home and travel. Shop now for the best value!
And who could forget about the upcoming holidays and special events.  Need a couple Gift Ideas for your new pet or new pet owner in your life? Thinking about Christmas or birthdays? (it's never too early to start brainstorming ideas for dog supplies!) We have some really cool gifts for your dog or cat. How about a storage bin in the shape of a doggy bone? Yep- click here! Our super cool Gift Baskets are a unique way of saying thank you when someone has done something nice for you, or just to say "I'm thinking about you!"
What about Dog Toys you ask? We have dog toys for sure! We have water toys, frisbee's, Zisc's and tethers just to name a few. We can keep your dog entertained for hours with our cool dog toys! And when it's time to clean up and store all of those toys and dog supplies, we have several perfect solutions. How about something a little different? A hand-made Amish Pet Toy Box? Don't see those every day, but think of the quality and craftsmanship that went into that elegant piece of furniture. Yes, it now becomes an heirloom for future generations to enjoy and to remember all the great memories that were had playing with all the toys and the hours of fun had by all!  
Looking for dog supplies or Dog Treats for a fun party? Or is it cat nip and Cat Treats that your are seeking?  Check out our Cat and Kitten Section for our fluffy feline friends! We have some really cool Cat Toys that will keep your cats entertained for hours! We have climbers, scratching posts, and yes- even a mouse or two to entertain your most curious cat. Tell me- Who will have more fun- you or your cat?!  In our Cat Furniture section, we have cubes, sleepers, platforms, trees, and even cat condos! Who knew it was so much fun to be a cat? We have lots of great Gift Ideas and the coolest Accessories for you to help celebrate your pet. How about a cool phone cover or jewelry! Yep we have that too! We have many different items that help you stand out from the crowd!
It's never easy to say good by to our loved ones, but we can always keep them in our memory with our Solid Pewter Memorial Stake Collection. It is a nice way to remember a true friend.  We also have beautiful hand-made Memory Boxes made from the finest woods. Your choice of Chestnut, Ebony or Aromatic Cedar wood. These are felt lined and have a place to put your pet's picture and other keepsakes. These are made by Amish craftsmen and you can see it and feel it in the quality of the construction.
Here at MadeInTheUSAPetShop we are working hard at adding just the right dog supplies,
cat supplies, pet toys, all made in the U.S.A. for your pet, so if you don't see just what you were looking for please shoot us a note at contactus@MadeInTheUSAPetShop.com and we will try to source it right here in the good ole USA.
Please check back soon and often!